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FujiNet Lobby: Game & Platform Expansion

Work continues on the FujiNet Game Lobby and support for the Commodore 64 platform has begun. The Atari 8 platform gets an updated version of the FujiNet enabled Reversi BASIC game client and is now available to play from the Lobby. We are working on a new chat server for the Lobby so people can get acquainted before starting a new game.

Check out Andy’s post at atariorbit.org for more info and pictures of the new game clients and lobby

FujiNet Game Lobby is Live and July 4th Game Day

You can now load the FujiNet game lobby client on your Atari from the fujinet.online TNFS server at fujinet.online/ATARI/_lobby.xex. This coming July 4th we will be having a “game day” to celebrate so come join us for a fun night of poker!

Currently, the only game available is 5 Card Stud Poker by Eric Carr. There are several “tables” or “rooms” available and some containing bots to play against. Any game server can register with the lobby server by following the documentation at http://fujinet.online:8080/docs. You can also see how many people are playing by pointing your browser to http://fujinet.online:8080

The 5 Card Stud card game and Lobby was created to show the possibilities of FujiNet. We hope others can use this example and make other new games so we can enjoy using our retro machines together in this connected world we now live. While the 5 Card Stud game and Lobby client are currently only supported on Atari, clients can be written for other FujiNet platforms facilitating multi-platform retro gaming.

Lobby server source code:

5 Card Stud server source code:

Lobby client source code:

5 Card Stud client source code:

New Era of Gaming: FujiNet Game Server

Recently a flurry of activity on the gaming front has resulted in development, deployment, and usage of the FujiNet Game Server system and a working client for Atari 8-bits. More client platforms are planned soon. The first working Game Server is an implementation of Five Card Stud. More games are also planned now that there is one amazing example.

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