What is #FujiNet ?

#FujiNet was intended to be a network adapter that attaches to the SIO (Peripheral) port of an Atari 8-bit computer system but has become an all encompassing SIO peripheral emulator. The current hardware is a design based on the ESP32-WROVER module and contains a custom 3D printed SIO Plug and Receptacle.

400/800, XL & XE Style Prototypes
FujiNet 1.0 Diagram

What does it provide?

#FujiNet provides the following functionality in various states of progress:

In Progress
WorksLoad floppy disk images from onboard MicroSD or networked TNFS server. Supports ATR, ATX, and XEX formats.
Works850 Modem emulation, supports Type 1 Poll to load handler. Works with existing communications programs such as Ice-T, BobTerm, AMODEM, PLATOTERM, and BBS servers.
Works / In ProgressPrinter output saved to PDF files downloadable from the device. Available Printers: 820, 822, 825, 1020, 1025, 1027, 1029, Espon 80, Okimate 10, HTML for copy/paste, GRANTIC Screen Printer. Example 822 Printouts (PDF): Text & Graphics. Example 1027 Printout (PDF): N-Hndlr ASM Text. More printer support to be added.
Works / In ProgressNEW networking device. #FujiNet configuration commands in place and working (WiFi, mounting, etc). TCP/UDP working. Handler in progress.
OtherWorking & In ProgressSIO2BT Bluetooth Connection.
Apetime Real Time Clock (NTP).
SAM Text To Speech as a printer, voice output from #FujiNet to Atari (Video with explanation, WAV File & SAM short video).
MIDIMaze network gaming in progress (Video)

More functionality will be available in the future with updates to the firmware.

When will it be available?

#FujiNet development is proceeding rapidly. Since November 2019 we have created no less than 6 hardware revisions and have moved software development from the Arduino IDE to PlatformIO. FujiNet Hardware development is now at v1.0 status and is being produced in small batches. Design files have been be released in our Github hardware repo for the first revision. There are some hardware issues in the v1.0 design which are being worked on, but v1.0 is a usable/stable device.

FujiNet XL Style on Atari 800XL
FujiNet XL Style Prototype on Atari 800XL

Documentation & More Info

The documentation is being stored in our GitHub Wiki. Informational updates are frequently posted to the AtariAge forum thread. We have a Discord chat used by developers. There are some excellent videos on YouTube explaining in detail the software progress of #FujiNet.

FujiNet 400/800 Style on Atari 800
FujiNet 400/800 Style on Atari 800