Firmware for FujiNet can be flashed using the easy cross platform flash program. Download the program for your operating system below:

FujiNet-Flasher Windows x86
FujiNet-Flasher Windows x64
FujiNet-Flasher MacOS Catalina 10.15
FujiNet-Flasher Linux x64

You may also need to install the CP210x USB to UART driver which is available from

Connect the FujiNet to your computer with a MicroUSB cable. Run the flash program with elevated privileges (as administrator or root user) so that it may access the serial port. Select the correct serial port for your FujiNet then click the Flash ESP button. The latest firmware is automatically downloaded directly from the web server and installed to the FujiNet device. The log window will display the flashing progress.

Latest Firmware Version Info:

FujiNet Version: 0.1.351df173
Build Time: Tue Aug 4 23:39:27 UTC 2020
6e912e6bfb83bc3ab16f6c9b0c62588f spiffs.bin
d1ec1b59bbd9244cf61d619547515fa9 firmware.bin
24ad324b178eb58eda3a84f2fe914193 partitions.bin
7defd72e6ec771e25c164f6112e83db2 bootloader.bin
e6327541e2dc394ca2c3b3280ac0f39f boot_app0.bin

All the firmware files are available individually at

Source code for the flash program is available at