Firmware for FujiNet can be flashed using the cross platform flash tool provided here. Download the program for your operating system below. NOTE: This flash tool only supports official FujiNet hardware. If you have built your own custom FujiNet with different specs then you may need to build and flash the code manually.

FujiNet-Flasher v1.4.1 updated Jan 24, 2023

FujiNet-Flasher Windows x64
FujiNet-Flasher Windows x86
FujiNet-Flasher MacOS 10.15 Catalina thru 13 Monterey
FujiNet-Flasher MacOS 10.9 Mavericks thru 10.13 High Sierra
FujiNet-Flasher Linux x64

NOTE: Some Windows users have reported the FujiNet Flasher will not run on their system and shows no error message (double clicking the program and nothing happens). The way around this Windows bug is to create a new user account and run FujiNet-Flasher from the new account.

You may also need to install the CP210x USB to UART driver which is available from

Detailed usage of FujiNet-Flasher is available on the Wiki

Source code for FujiNet-Flasher is available at

TNFS Server

Pre-compiled binaries for the FujiNet TNFSD server are available below. Our custom tnfsd source code is available on Github.

tnfsd for Windows 10 64 Bit
tnfsd for Linux 64 Bit

Raspberry Pi TNFS Server Package

This Debian package can be installed on an already running Raspberry Pi OS system from the terminal:
sudo dpkg -i tnfsd_1.0-1_armhf.deb
It automatically loads the tnfsd server at boot and accesses files from the /tnfs directory. Files in this directory must be accessible to the tnfs group (chgrp -R tnfs /tnfs/* or chown -R tnfs:tnfs /tnfs/*)


Raspberry Pi TNFS Server Image

A ready to go Raspberry Pi OS disk image with configured tnfs server is available from