FujiNet and Meatloaf at VCFSW 2023

Thomas Cherryhomes and Jaime Idolpx attended VCFSW 2023 to show off the FujiNet and Meatloaf projects. On display was the upcoming FujiNet for Apple 2 Revision 1 hardware, the “FujiLoaf” prototype hardware for the Commodore 64, the FujiNet / Meatloaf “Nugget” for Commodore IEC (VIC-20, Plus/4, 64, 128), FujiNet for Atari Lynx and of course the original FujiNet for Atari 8-Bit

Thomas also gave a talk about the past, present and future of FujiNet:

Pictures from the event:

FujiNet also got a shout out from Bo Zimmerman in his talk “Beyond the BBS”: