Here are some helpful guides for setting up and using your FujiNet

How do I see the debug info from the FujiNet device? You need a terminal program, like PuTTY and set Read more
What do the lights/buttons do? See the quick-start guide here Why does FujiNet on the 400/800 require USB power? It's Read more
Parsing and using JSON is one of the fundamental components of the Modern Web. Now your Atari can do it Read more
Disk swapping using FujiNet is done via the Disk Swap Button. This is a critical and necessary function that almost Read more
Using FN (FujiNet) will change the way you think about your Atari and disks. It allows a easy gateway to Read more
FujiNet is evolving fast. If you are wondering about the evolution of the hardware and what changed over the course Read more
With FN (FujiNet) you can now let your Atari speak. The Software Automatic Mouth (SAM) is implemented in FN as Read more